History of Wobbi

How was Wobbi started?

When Wobbi's founder Eric was working at one of Sweden's largest sports chains, he realised that there were no supple, warm and durable boots at a good price. That's when the idea was born to try to develop the perfect boot and sell without intermediaries directly to the end customer in order to keep the best possible prices.

Many different boots were tested from different factories and different materials. The boots had to pass a tough list of requirements with tough tests and also be a better alternative for the environment than ordinary rubber boots. It took 14 months for Eric to come up with the first Wobbi boot, which today is "Wobbi Winter Boots".

The first order of 500 pairs of boots arrived at Eric's parents' garage and it was now time to start testing the boots for real, 150 pairs of the first boots were given away for testing to snowmobilers, hunters, fishermen, horse people, farmers and parents who will be standing in the sledding hill all day. The feedback we received from these 150 testers was fantastic and the remaining boots sold out immediately.

Why did these boots become the boots of choice?

All Wobbi boots are made of Etenvinyl Acetate (EVA). This material is much better for the environment, completely toxin-free, lightweight and durable, which is why it is used in yoga mats and baby soothers, for example. The material has millions of tiny air bubbles which means it also has a high insulation factor, perfect for winter boots. The choice was easy and today Wobbi has 12 different boots in EVA material.

Removable lining, why doesn't anyone else have it?

Eric, who loves being outdoors and active in all sorts of ways, had gone through more or less all the boots on the market and one big question came up: why do they all have solid linings that never dry out and get disgusting after a season of use. The requirement for Wobbi's adult winter boots then became that it should be possible to easily take the lining in and out, even buy a new lining cheaply when it wears out.

What is the plan for Wobbi?

The plan for Wobbi is to expand to new markets and offer really good boots at good prices, today Wobbi is active in several different markets and the website is now available in Swedish, English, Finnish, Danish and even German. To constantly improve and renew the range is a major focus, Wobbi will be the obvious choice of boots for all seasons and ages.

Why is the logo a mountain goat with boots?

Eric had always been fascinated by mountain goats and especially the Bezoar Ibex goat that lives in the absolute harshest weather conditions in the Turkish/Iranian mountain ranges. The goats have the ability to jump easily and smoothly between the different rocks without effort. This became the inspiration for the company's name Bezoar AB and also the logo which became a mountain goat with boots. Wobbi stands for lightweight, durable and warm boots that can withstand tough environments and at the same time be flexible, just like a Bezoar Ibex goat.

Interesting info about Bezoar Ibex:

Bezoar Ibex is the animal with the longest horns in perspective to body size and the horns are between 75-100 cm long in a beautiful arched shape.


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