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History of Wobbi

What is the story behind Wobbi?

Wobbi started as an idea of the founder Eric, who worked at one of Sweden's biggest sports chains and realized that there were no flexible, warm and durable boots at good prices. He wanted to develop the perfect boot that was light, flexible, non-toxic, durable, with a removable lining and at the best possible price.

After much testing and experimentation, he decided to make the boots in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a more environmentally friendly choice of material that is non-toxic, lightweight and durable, yet has good insulating properties. Wobbi now has many different boots in EVA materials and continues to aim to offer good boots at good prices.

The logo that many find intriguing is a mountain goat with boots symbolizing lightweight, durable and warm boots that can withstand harsh environments, just like a Bezoar Ibex goat. So the inspiration comes from the Bezoar Ibex goat, which lives in harsh weather conditions in the mountain ranges but can still move around smoothly and gracefully. This also inspired the company name Bezoar AB. 

Eric, a nature lover and active person who often wears boots, was frustrated to find boots on the market with solid linings that never dried and became disgusting after a season of use. This led him to more quickly start up Wobbi and get boots where it would be easy to get the feed in and out, and that it would be possible to buy a new feed cheaply when it wore out. 

Wobbi stands for lightweight, durable, non-toxic and warm boots that can withstand harsh environments while being flexible - just like a Bezoar Ibex goat, just like Eric himself would like to wear when he's out enjoying nature.


This is Wobbi

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